Monday, June 24, 2013

summer 2013

this summer has just begun and already i've been working, babysitting and playing way too much! my cousin mary came into town to see her new nephew noah. he's precious. anyway, her mom, my aunt sally, and my mom and jane and lindsay and sam went to the temple one evening so i got to babysit mary. it was exciting. we went on a drive up the canyon and ate dairy keen and had fun. she's ten and she reminded me that she didn't really need a babysitter. i felt like frauline maria in sound of music when liesel says "i'm sixteen and i DON'T need a governess."

here's baby noah:
jay found a turtle on the side of the road, so he brought him home and put him in the bathtub. i frantically (eh) searched for his owner and after a week, i couldn't find one. so i gave him to ryan for his eighth birthday. the kid cried, that's how much he loves turtles. he christened him roy and i suggested his gangster name would be rizzle. i call him riz behind ryan's back.
roy hated the bathtub.
my mom and i are making a massive quilt to put on my dorm room bed. it is made out of all my tshirts that i've acquired over the years. it's going to be awesome! i am preparing well... i think. i have bought twin xl sheets and have embroidered them with my initials so that when i wash them people know they're mine. or so i know they're mine. also, i can't embroider so it turned out pretty crummy looking. that's okay though. i like them. anyway, the quilt consists of 15"x15" squares of tshirts and fabric that my mom made me clothes out of when i was younger. it's going to be a quilt of memories.
the general layout has changed a bit
but this is what it will look like. think 68x90 inches.

my embroidered sheets

growing up, moving on

i'm a big kid now. that means i have to do stuff by myself like making doctors appointments and setting up play dates with my friends. (that last one has been my responsibility since i was probably six).
i graduated high school. that was huge. and fun. and scary. because now i'm off to college and i'm going from being a small fish in a small pond to a tiny fish in a massive pond. good thing i can swim well. i think i'll be mostly okay at byu; after all, my cousins briant will be with me and my roommate seems harmless enough.
sadie and i. best friends for ten years.

robby has a mission call to atlanta georgia. he'll do great.

Monday, May 6, 2013


i. went. to. disneyland. for. orchestra. tour. it was fantastical. i loved every minute.
ariel, sadie, me, kelsey, sleeping beauty and snow white

sadie and i in the front row

my mom chaperoned 
Here are prom pictures:

this would've been a good picture if
trevor were opening his eyes

at dinner

san francisco

my mom, henry and i went to san francisco for spring break! i enjoyed it very much even though i got hit on by a transvestite and was disgusted by all the homeless people. first, week took a stop at the monterey bay aquarium which i feel is like my second home. i've been there countless times but this time was special. it confirmed my aspiration to by a marine biologist.
at the aquarium

lombard street

on the trolley

the marina

golden gate bridge

rode our bikes across the bridge