Sunday, October 30, 2011

change of plans

Contrary to this post, I think I will be a Civil Air Patrol pilot for halloween. Or a cute little Mexican. I can't decide. See, if I go as a pilot, then I have two other girls who are wearing their dad's pilot suits. If I go as a musatche-wearing Mexican, I also have two other girls who are doing the same. Hmmm.... which is better??? I can't seem to decide. Ooh. And then there is my dad's pope costume that I could wear. That wouldn't sit well at school, considering everyone takes offense to everything. My freshman year, I think I wore that and my orchestra conductor got all up in my grill about it. Eh. That's crossed off the list. I have an entire costume box full of... you guessed it, DI costumes. Dandy. Just supremely dandy. It's joyous. Along with Civil Air Patrol, Mexican, and Pope, there is a china doll, Davy Crockett, a cowboy/cowgirl, 50s poodle skirt and a fluffy pink boa. It's pretty legitimate.

This would be me, just 20x larger and the uniform
wouldn't look so silly. (Civil Air Patrol)
Cute little Mexican. Yes, I would wear a mustache.

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