Sunday, October 23, 2011

la symphonie

I attended the Utah Valley Symphony with Frash and Henry. It was grand. We listened to many young artists show their talents. It was glorious. My men, John Wilson and Seong-Eun Cho (they are in my orchestra at school) played the cello and piano. John played Handel and Seong-Eun played Rachmaninov. I was so overcome by their music that I had to break the rules a bit and take pictures of them playing:
John on the cello. Playing his way through Handel.

Seong- Eun on the piano. Pounding away some Rach.

Afterwards, we graced the BYU Creamery with our presence and got some ice cream sundaes. Delish:
Graham Canyon with bananas, caramel and chocolate sauce= yum

Then, mom wanted to read bedtime stories. So we did that too. Then I drove Ashton home and went to bed.

Mama and her poetry book.

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