Sunday, November 20, 2011

this girl....

So apparently, Kristen Lohner reads my blog. What an honor. HAH. She told me this today at choir practice. It was quite the comical statement. Considering no one reads my blog, this is quite the thing. Maybe if I keep posting the link of my blog onto Facebook, more and more people will read it! Woohoo!!!! Anyway, about Kristen: we became friends in 3rd grade (I have pictures of us from one of those little photo booths that are at the mall), we are in the same stake, we rarely see each other but when we get together, it's a party. We go to girl's camp every summer and make serious fools out of ourselves. (I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS KRISTEN. YOU CAN'T DENY IT) Here is a collage of Kristen Lohner:

She's pretty gorgeous! Love this girl's guts.

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