Monday, January 2, 2012

happy january

Here we are in Utah, with no snow! I love it. However, most people think we should have had a white Christmas and piles of snow by now. I am in now way opposed to not having snow! I am sitting here, blogging, while sipping on some lovely hot cocoa, listening to Kimbra and watching my niece, Isabelle, run around clothed in only a diaper! She is so precious.

I often find myself looking at retro, indie and vintage clothes. Here is one website I have come across recently: And I love this dress:

Isn't it just gorgeous? I am planning on getting it if I get asked to the next formal dance. Approve? Of course, I would wear a sweater over it or a long sleeved shirt, because Sweetheart's is in February. It might be a bit chilly.

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