Monday, April 2, 2012

last minute

I am getting ready for a trip to Europe and I am overwhelmed with the amount of homework I have to complete before my departure. It isn't very fun, really. It's a whole lot of taking tests and quizzes, math homework, studying for Physiology and reading The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. Don't get me wrong I love that book, but it can take the energy right out of you.

Last week was General Conference and it was lovely. I got to sit around in my pj's all day and eat nothing but cinnamon rolls and pie and German chocolate and pastries and other delectable items all while listening to the word of God through his humble servants. Best weekend ever. On Saturday night while the men were at the priesthood session, Allison, Isabelle, Mom and I went to the mall and got some new shoes, ate dinner and then went shopping at Old Navy and TJ Maxx; also very fun! Upon returning from our escapades, Kristen and I went  for a little ride in her brand new, smoking hot, bright red Volkswagon Beetle. Most glorious car. Almost. It comes in second to a navy blue Mini Cooper with a Union Jack on the roof. From Kristen's glorious car we went to her wonderful house and watched The Help, which is one of the silliest movies ever. I love how it is just jam packed with all sorts of humor and a little bit of a love story every now and then. But I had to leave at 11, so Kristen drove me home.

Sunday morning we all woke up and got ready for a third session of conference. We got downstairs and snuggled into our Love Sac and huge comforters and turned the TV on just in time to hear the choir's heavenly voices streaming through our rather crummy speakers. (I am proud to announce that I did not sleep through any of the sessions. Quite a feat for me.) After the morning session, we went back up stairs to make lunch. I was in charge of the salad, Henry was in charge of mashed potatoes, Dad was in charge of the Easter ham and Mom was in charge Grammy's ambrosia. Such fun! I made quite yummy spinach/orange/roasted almonds/blue cheese/raspberry vinaigrette dressing salad.  Henry made some stellar mashed potatoes and the ambrosia was very Easter-y. The ham was perfect and we still have half of it sitting in our fridge.

I made a pie. Two actually. Berry and banana cream. They were good.

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