Wednesday, May 2, 2012

England Day Seven

Before I begin: sorry for taking so long to post again. I have had a lot to do with school and work and such. Here goes:

April 13

Today was mostly spent in London.
First we got up quite early and checked out of Queen Anne's and got on the road to London. On our way there, we stopped at a petrol station to grab some breakfast. I was using the loo for a spot and I saw that there were Fuzzy Brushes on sale 2 for £1. (My friend Sophia had told me that I needed to get some). I was so excited because I had been looking all over for them. So I bought some. A Fuzzy Brush is a chew-able toothbrush that you bite down on to release the minty stuff and then you chew on and it cleans your teeth. I am telling you, America is so WAY behind on stuff like that. They were a lot of fun.

We arrived in London by tube and got settled at our hotel and then off we went to King's Cross Station for a little Platform 9 3/4-ing. Amazing. I loved it!

After I got some pictures at King's Cross, we got on the tube to the Buckingham stop and got on a Big Red Bus Tour. On the tour we saw: Notting Hill, The Shard (tallest building in Europe), Queen's Gardens, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, London Bridge, London Eye, Roger Moore's 007 car, Ian Fleming's house, J.K. Rowlings house, 10 Downing Street where the Prime Minister lives, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park and so much more!

J.K. Rowlings house.

Buckingham Palace.

Gates at Buckingham Palace

Big Ben.

The London Eye.

London Bridge.

We then went to the British Museum where there were different exhibits, all equally exciting. The Egyptian exhibit had sphinxes, huge stone heads commemorating kings and gods, massive stone people and mummies. The mummies were my favorite. The Nubian exhibit had a collection of naturally preserved bodies. The Greek exhibit was just pieces of the Parthenon and sculpted heads of Marcus Aurelius.

The Rosetta Stone!

Sweet right?

Dead guy.

Naturally preserved body.

Marcus Aurelius.


The Queen invited us to tea at which Prince Harry proposed to me, but being the lady I am, I told him that I could not marry him for three years or so. He sadly agreed that I was too young and he told me that he would wait those three years or so until I was old enough. He added that those three years or so would be terrible for him because he can't live without me. How he managed before I got to England, I know not.

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