Saturday, November 3, 2012

lately my life has been

Hectic. Stressful. Filled with "Little Things" and Ashton and Aimee and perfect fun in Med Tech.
First, we should all embrace the wonderfullness of One Direction's new song:
It's too good to be true. Niall is perfect. And I love him.

Second, Med Tech is by far, my favorite class. I love my classmates and Mrs. Abbott really cares about us. It's funny because last year in Physiology/Anatomy Honors, she seemed like she really hated us, but now that the select few are in her advanced class, she seems to love us just fine. I sit right next to two, no three, of my favorite people; Sam, Breana and Gibson. We all have a party. It's just perfect.

Third, I don't know where I would be without my best friend Ashton. She is a more boy-crazy version of me. We have had one fight in our six year relationship. We like to eat food and listen to music and cuddle on my bed and watch dumb movies. Last night, we went and saw a dumb movie. It was one crazy evening. We have created a new sleeping position that should be called the Frash. She hates being touched, but she hugs me. She doesn't cry so I do more than enough for the two of us. She laughs. I laugh harder. I love her. She's the best. I could never say this to her face, so I hope she reads this blog post.

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