Monday, May 6, 2013

goodness gracious

when was the last time i posted? oh my. i am a horrible blogger. if it weren't for kylie lyman, i wouldn't be updating right now. you have her to thank. actually, i think she's been bugging me about it for a while.

so much has happened since my good friend parker passed away. he truly is missed.
but, on a happy note, life has been utterly fantastic! for a general update, i've listened to good music (concerts included), met new people, ate tons of food (always a good thing), had a birthday, went to prom and am three weeks away from graduating high school!

1. good music: my favorites have been Marina and the Diamonds, Katie Sky, Foy Vance (everyone should listen to this song if they are having a bad day or need a good cry), Ed Sheeran, The Kooks, The Heavy, and my all-time favorite, Fitz and the Tantrums. i went to an ed sheeran concert with ashton. that was so much fun! we had to take her dad because only she was 18 and we couldn't get in without two people over 18. foy vance and rizzle kicks opened and it was fantastic! next concert is marina and the diamonds next monday.

2. new people: i got a new job and then got another one and then quit the first. the first job i'm talking about was at a little cafe on center street called black sheep cafe. they serve native american food and mexican inspired food. deliciousl. one of my super good friends, sam, works there as a bread maker. she is navajo and so she knew the bread making skills already but i had to learn them. it was a good experience to work in a restaurant for a little bit. i won't do it again.
my new job is working as a medical assistant at a local pediatricians office. actually, it's the pediatrician that i go to! kinda funny. i love it so much! in june i start working as a primary medical assistant for a new physician they are adding to the practice. i need to get some scrubs!

3. food: duh. i'm an eater.

4. birthday: my 18th birthday was two weeks ago! it was extremely exciting. i can hire a stripper (ahem... i mean "escort"), get dry ice, buy a gun, sign legal documents and get arrested. eek. for my birthday, i got a iPone, an atlas of the oceans (i want to be a marine biologist), some money and fun! i had my close friends come over for a sunday dinner and we had a little party then. i love being 18.

5. prom: that was so much fun! i went with ashton's younger brother, trevor. we had a ton of fun dancing and taking silly pictures and being teenagers. ashton went with gabe, trevor's best friend. my dress was smoking hot and ashton was cute... i guess. she was equally, if not more, beautiful than i was. we had a blast and were so happy to go to prom. i didn't get asked last year so this was a nice treat.

6. graduation: yeah.

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