Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11.11.11., missionaries, funnies

What a day. I hope you know I wished for you. Hah. Not really. But yes really.

Missionaries: God's proof that he loves everyone. I have lots of friends out right now: Elder Joshua Christopher Seely, Elder Sten Isaacson, and my cousin Wilson just got his call, Mexico, here he comes! Josh is serving in Washington DC South and Sten is teaching in Billings Montana. They are wonderful. Josh and Sten both want me to write them, so I guess I will. I already have a huge stack for Josh, I just don't have the nerve to send them.
Here he is. Josh. He is also Wilson's best friend. Kind of werid. Anyway, he is the greatest person ever. All of my letters are composed of "good work", "I am so proud", "thank you", "the Lord is appreciative of your work, as am I"... you get the jist. Why can't I bring myself to send them? Because I am scared I won't get one back.


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