Saturday, November 26, 2011

bean and jason

These two. Are so. Getting married. But, not for like three years max. He still has to go on his mission and make Bean proud.

Bean is actually my bestest buddy Madelyn LuBean, but I just call her Bean. She's cute. We met at Robby's 16th birthday party. We were playing Fugitive and we ran through some sprinklers on our way to our destination. It was a blast. After that night, we became text buddies, had a sleepover, went to a bbq where I met Ben (love that boy). We have yet to play in a long time. We even worked at the same place! It was so much fun!

Jason Norman, makes Bean happy. So I'm happy. He is from Arroyo Grande, California, which is where I am from. Relatively. I am actually from San Luis Obispo. He and I surf at the same beaches. We haven't met but he is a keeper. Don't kill me Bean, but he is cute. He came up for Thanksgiving and he and Bean had the time of their lives. See:

aren't they so cute?

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