Thursday, November 24, 2011

things to do in the fall

  1. Have a sleepover with California cousins
2. Play with Isabelle.

 3.  Drink cocoa.
4.    Break your toe. Actually, make sure someone else breaks it. We were playing in a pile of leaves and Henry kicked them which resulted in kicking my foot which broke my toe.
5. Go to a swim meet. The said swim meet was a terrible one for me. Not only could I not push off the blocks (broken toe), but my goggles came off during my 100 fly. I was so livid and so was my coach. But I couldn't see and my goggles had fallen into my mouth so I couldn't breath. Not fun.
6. Make plans with Jesse, Briant's girlfriend. Well she and I practically best friends. We text nonstop and we have planned at three day beach excursion. She has never been camping so Briant and I are going to introduce her to camping with the Packards. I am so excited. Briant is going to get another guy to come with us so that it is like a three day double date, which might be bad, but I haven't decided yet. Anyway, I am going to drive down to SLO and pick up Ethan on my way. He is invited too! We are going to get a campsite at Morro Bay and take surfboards, kayaks and wetsuits!!! Pretty much we are going to surf for three days. I am so excited. She also has never roasted marshmallows so we are going to do that too!

7. Have your drivers license for six months. I can now legally drive other people. Woohoo. My friend is throwing my license a birthday party; car shaped cake, toy cars, a car movie. Heck to the yes. I am so excited. But I think she is more excited.

8. Thanksgiving is today and I am in charge of setting the table. And you know how I do :) We are using Grammy's Thanksgiving china, glassware and silverware. The napkins are embroidered with A's (for Avery) and the napkin rings were made by me (they are super cute little pilgrim hats). I set a mad table. We made a thankful tree.

9. Have a birthday. 
10. Get a ski suit.
11. Play with Isabelle. Cameron and Allison are coming on Friday. I am so excited to play with Isabelle!!!!
12.  Slave away in the kitchen.
13.  Make Muddy Buddies.
14. Eat fifteen pizzas with the California cousins.

15. Roll in the ca$h.

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