Saturday, December 3, 2011

christmas time

I am so pathetic at posting on my blog! I just guess there is really nothing to say. Lately, I have been listening to a lot of music. That seems to be a popular escape fora teenager. As I have listened to an excess of Adele, Coldplay, Jessie J, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and anything else playing on the radio, I decided that it is time to break out my Christmas albums, after all, it is December now. My favorite one is called "When a Child is Born". It is a compilation of various Black soul music. My favorite song on that album is "The Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy": 

Also playing in my CD player (I know, so ghetto), is the Michael Buble Christmas album. He is oh so dreamy. I just want to put him in my purse. That was for Ashton. And, as much as I hate to admit it, I have also been listening to Justin Bieber's Christmas album. It's like pop-ish Christmas. Kind of weird, but my mom likes it more than me. No lie, he is super attractive. But Michael Buble, that is another story. 

It has snowed here in Provo. Only an inch, but it's still snow. Gross. 

Last night, I watched Labyrinth for the first time. Yes, the one with David Bowie and those totally creeping goblins and Toby the baby. It was really weird and funny and it skipped the entire movie. After we were done with watching the same frame for about seven minutes and yelling "MISS FREAKING MARY FREAKING MOO FREAKING COW!!!!!!!!" at the DVD player, we put in 50 First Dates, which is the saddest romantic-comedy ever. However, there were more laughs than tears. It is such a funny movie, with the walruses and everything???? Perfect. Whoever wrote the script for that movie should be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for Intelligence. 

Mindless thoughts. 

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