Saturday, December 3, 2011

kylielyn harper

This girl is a babe. Such a babe. She is my swim coach, my best friend and my secret lover. Hah. Yeah right. Unfortunately she is cheating on me with her boyfriend. It's ok. I'm not hurt.... maybe a little.

Anyway, she is a super beastly swimmer, Hawaiian, her little brother Kevin is ma dawg, and one time she took me to Tucanos for dropping time in my butterfly. Here's that story:

Kylie promised us (Quinn, Oli, Cray, Robby, Ellie and I) that if we dropped x amount of time, she would take us out to eat at Tucanos. Tucanos is an all-you-cab-eat  Brazilian grill where they serve loads of meat, grilled pineapple, chicken hearts, fried bananas, salad, beans, rice, you name it, they've got it. It was so delicious, and the conversation was.... very interesting. Boys will be boys afterall. We all laughed, talked, stuffed our faces and went home completely content. 

Her family owns a homemade bread business. I haven't eaten the bread but I am sure it is so delicious.

She goes to Hawaii way too many times a year. And she never takes me. All I ask for is an 11ft. long board for my surfing!!! Perhaps a short board too. 

Her best friend Dakota is best friends with my older brother Jay. Dakota and her little sister Kassie are hilarious and totally infatuated with Jay. It's kind of awkward. 

Kylie just had surgery to remove an extra rib on her left side. She always says something is up with her left side; an extra rib, shoulder problems.... it goes on.

Here she is:
She is going to kill me for this picture, but here is beautiful Kylie
after surgery on her shoulder....
isn't she gorgeous???
she's also a model.

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