Monday, December 26, 2011

happy christmas

It's a wonderful holdiay, Christmas is. Presents, chocolate, lights, the tree, family, yummy food, navity scenes, creches, shopping, presents, and as Isabelle would say "de baby Dezus" (the baby Jesus). You can't really go wrong with having Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's all crammed in the same month! It's positively delightful.

Christmas is a time for revelling in the spirit of Christ. Hence it's name Christmas. Although Christ was born in April, we tend to celebrate it during the winter because that is when the wise men happened upon him. Contrary to popular belief, there were not only three wise men but up to a dozen, and they didn't come see Christ on the day of his birth, but later, when he was around two or three.

But, for little kids (and teenagers), Christmas is about presents!!!!! Gotta love getting tons of gifts from Santa and tons of gifts from close family members. This year, Isabelle got a kitchen, made by my dad. When I was her age, I got one for Christmas as well. She also got some dishes and cooking pots to accessorize her kitchen. Also, she got new clothes; a grey skirt and white and grey shirt to go with it. She will be rocking it soon.

Jay, Henry and Cameron all got some ammo, magazines (for guns) and other hunting gear. All three of them (and dad) got bowties and they wore them to church after we opened all our presents and completely ruined the order of the living room. They looked spiffy.

Allison and I got a TON of new clothes, shoes and accessories. We get to wear something new every day! Mom got some nice headphones, a totebag, an iHome for her iPod and some chocolates. I got some Toms, which I love oh so dearly. They are olive green and so so so cute. I also got four new sweaters, two new scarves, two pair of jeans, two shirts and socks. I love new socks. Allison got three skirts, one jacket, two sweaters, a dress, and three shirts.

In our stockings, everyone got chapstick, oranges, deodorant, See's candy, chocoalte, socks, iTunes cards, headphones and chargers for our phones/iPods.

It was a very successful Christmas.

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