Saturday, December 24, 2011

happy christmas eve

Yesterday, I went up to Salt Lake City to go to the Living Planet Aquarium with my niece Isabelle. It was very fun!!! Izzy talked a lot about the penguins, the starfish, turtle, sharks, electric eel (that lit up a Christmas tree with its electric currents) and we both really liked the coral reef exhibit. She didn't want to, but I pet the sting rays, starfish, crabs and sea anemone. I picked them up while Izzy prodded at them. It was a very successful day trip to see some of my favorite forms of life.

On another note:

I can't get this song out of my head

Fitz and the Tantrums are the BEST!!!! I love them so very much. I have been listening to a lot of non-mainstream music lately and my mom came home from work with this song stuck in her head. The band started out when Fitz' girlfriend called and said that there was a vintage organ for sale at her neighbor's house. He rushed over there and began a legacy of starting the band. They sing indie/jazz wonderfullness. I really like how all of the musicians aren't young, but they are a little older; which is good because their voices have had time to train and condition. The cute black girl is not only backup, but she is Fitz' wife. Her name is Noelle and she trained in jazz singing. The saxophone player is genius and the organ is manned by the most chill dude you will ever meet. 

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