Friday, December 9, 2011


I have a new-found love for vintage fashion photography. I mean, just look at these pictures:

My favorite one is the third one down. Whoever came up with putting the model in a bubble is a pure genius. It gives a whole new meaning to the project. I looked at a whole bunch of bubble pictures and they were all pretty amazing. Photography is such a good way to portray beauty, unknown and known. It is also a blessing for saving memories and emotions. When looking back on photos you have taken, it gives you a sense of happy nostalgia. Good thing, don't worry. I think the funnest parts of teenage-hood is when you get to pose like the silly girls you are and have someone snap a zillion pictures of you. You spend all day getting your clothes picked out and an hour on hair and another hour on makeup. You and your friends pick and choose out of each other's closets and you litter your bathroom with various hairsprays, flat irons, curling irons, bobby pins, huge head decorations and brushes. Your bedroom becomes strewn with wadded up clothes, shoes and leg wear. Those are the greatest memories, putting your fun into a lifetime form.

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