Sunday, January 22, 2012


She is my proxy niece, as I like to call her. And I am her proxy aunt. She belongs to my cousins Sam and Lindsay. She is about six months old and sitting up, giggling, rolling over, being silly and covering her head with blankets. Her name is Violet Geneva Packard. She has such chubby legs that you can't even wrap your hand around them; her cheeks look like they've been stuffed with cotton balls and her belly is rotund and healthy. If you put her on her stomach, she kicks her chubby legs around like she's swimming and she looks up at you like "What was that for???".

Today she is a little sick with a cold, but she is still the happy, pretty baby that I have been playing with for six months. She has a fever, a cough, runny nose, sore throat and tired little body, but she is still managing to giggle when you coo at her and downright laugh when you start talking in a baby voice.

My friend Jamie Pearson is pregnant with baby number two. Her maternity picture ideas came from Pinterest. Caught ya, James!!! But alas, they are super cute and her other little boy is holding a chalk board that says "34 weeks". His face is perfect. He is the perfect little boy... I think. Am I right Jamie?


  1. Yes you caught me and that is why I love many fun ideas. I can't be ashamed since I pinned them and then did them. And yes I do have a perfect little boy...haha as perfect as boys can get! You coming to visit this summer to meet the other perfect boy?? I think you should! And you can bring your fam along too if you like

  2. Can't I just come by myself??? It would be so much more fun! I do indeed want to see the other little boy. And I shall come. Perhaps. If my mom will let me. Pinterest is great. I love it. All of my photos on the side bar come from here.