Monday, February 20, 2012


New one. Not so new one, actually. But PINTEREST.
I am. Obsessed.
Almost as obsessed as I was during berry season. (I mean, you can't just pick the berries, you have to eat them too)
Anyway, Pinterest is where a girl can create a wedding she'll never have, fill a closet with money that doesn't exist, look at food she's never going to eat and decorate a 6,800 sq. foot house that she will never ever ever own. Of course, that statement is perhaps a generalization, but generally, it's true.

Valentine's day came and went with nothing for me but a lovely day on Pinterest looking at everyone's crafty, stylish and delicious Valentine's day plans. My old swim coach Kylie got married and I was so sad that I couldn't go to the reception. From the only picture I have seen, her dress was absolutely gorgeous and I am completely jealous.

My mom got a iPhone. We played with it last night, uploading all these cool little apps for her. She does not know how to use it AT ALL. So it's pretty funny.

It snowed. A lot. I hate it.


  1. i will have more pictures of my dress on my blog soon! i love your blog it always makes me happy ha
    (pinterest is my first love shh dont tell my husband!)

  2. oh don't worry. i'm a good secret keeper. i'm glad my blog makes you happy. yours makes me giggle.