Sunday, February 26, 2012

sing the songs of the whales

Wouldn't that be lovely, to sing with whales and listen to their high pitched squeals and their monotone clicks? That thought is the inspiration for my future vocation. I want, no, need, to be a marine biologist. To scuba dive next to bus-sized orcas, ninety-eight foot long blue whales, pet the littler beluga whales, photograph the flukes of humpback whales and chat with the ever noisy dolphins.

Balaenoptera musculus; the largest whale in the world, the calmest hunter, most nurturing mother, least threatening mammal, widest fluke in the entire four oceans and seven seas, otherwise known as the blue whale. That is what I would study, when given the chance. Study their communication, movements, migratory habits, breeding grounds, feeding methods and their interaction with foreign devices. It's complicatedly fascinating. If I were to be reincarnated, I think I would be a whale. I would cry if I came back as something else. I would rather swim than walk on two legs. I am the exact opposite of Ariel. Give me a tail and a pod of whales to swim with, I would enjoy every moment.

I am most at home when I am in, at or around the ocean. Born and mostly raised on the coast of California, I will always have a special place for the salty air and sand covering every inch of my skin. When abroad I had a profound moment while watching humpback whales breach just off the shoreline; I knew that my job would to be a marine biologist specializing in whales and dolphins. What better way to express my love for the ocean than through taking care and studying its inhabitants. Thank goodness for the support of my family in my endeavors to become a marine biologist.

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