Tuesday, April 24, 2012

England Day Four

We drove out of Lancaster to the Lake District which was so green it was almost sick. We went to Dove Cottage, the home of poet William Wordsworth. It was such a nice, tiny house; definitely somewhere I would permanently reside. It was halfway up a hill which overlooked the town of Grasmere and the lake. Absolutely to die for!!! (P.S. this is the same Lake District where Beatrix Potter wrote her children’s books.)
Isn't it gorgeous?

Dove Cottage.
From there, we drove a little ways to Castlerigg, another tiny stone circle erected for the purpose of telling time and the passage of days. It was so windy and cold that we stood behind a stone fence that was blocking the wind.  (The stone fences were everywhere! They divided the land that everyone owned. On almost every single piece of land there was a huge crowd of fluffy white sheep and their little lambies.) Once we were done with Castlerigg, we drove out of Grasmere and into the more rural Lake District onto narrow roads with deep canyons on either side. We reached the top of the mountains and looked down on Grasmere from Kirkstone Pass. It started snowing, so we began driving down the opposite side of the mountain in search of a Bed and Breakfast.

Kirkstone Pass.

 We found a tiny place called Gill Brow Farm, which was nestled into the side of the hill and overlooked Little Town (the setting for Beatrix Potter’s story Tiggywinkle). We literally stayed in their house! There was a sitting room for us, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It was the best. The woman of the house, Anne, was really nice and served us peppermint tea and lemon cake on her best Delft blue china. (I will own some of that china.)
The view from my window at Gill Brow Farm.

Tea and cake.

Delicious tea.

Little Town is right behind those trees.
For dinner, we drove about ten minutes into Buttermere and ate dinner at The Fish. It was delicious.
Broccoli, cheese, pasta deliciousness.

Top: Spotted Dick (cake with raisins with pudding over it)
Bottom: Ginger cake with cream on top

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