Sunday, May 13, 2012

a few of my favorite things

  1. summer
  2. scuba diving
  3. swimming
  4. snorkeling
  5. beaches
  6. swim suits
  7. mangoes
  8. blue dresses
  9. friends
  10. peonies
  11. books
  12. journal writing
  13. music
  14. shoes
  15. forget-me-nots
I think that's it. Of course, not everything made the list, but I think those favorites will forgive me for putting them in a lesser priority state than my top 15. 

I apologize for not posting recently. It has been crazy with AP testing on the way, work training, WSI training, orchestra competitions, graduation around the corner and trying to fit in time to play and relax. Here's a little update on what I have been doing with my time: painting my fingernails, figuring out how to cat-eye my non liquid eyeliner, wearing coral lipstick, running around Target in sweats looking for One Direction Barbies, playing with the various creepy Barbies, chalking driveways, falling asleep while watching Dirty Jobs, reading and studying. I'm not exactly the most adventurous, but usually Ashton brings out that side in me. 

Some giggles for you:

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