Sunday, June 3, 2012


I am a terrible person. I get it. I haven't posted in a long while so here goes. So much happened: graduation, summer began!!!, a have two jobs (lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons) and an internship at the hospital, I went to California to visit my old friends, I lounge around making friendship bracelets, listening to One Direction and looking out my window at the blooming roses... all of that happened and it has only been summer for two weeks. How delightful.

My family and I went camping on the beach for Memorial Day weekend. My old ward in California (will now be called TO4) does this every year and since we moved to Utah, my family hasn't gone. But we got to go this year and I decided to take my cousin Sonja with me. Anyway, the drive down was long, but not as long as the drive to San Louis Obispo. We drove into Carpenteria State Beach Campground at about five in the afternoon on Friday the 25 of May. We stayed with our friends the Sonnenbergs and the Christensens. Nathan, Kate, Drew and Meredith were the children included in those families. Everyone else in my ward was setting up and going out to the beach. Sonja and I set up our sleeping bags/pads/stuff we needed and then ran out to the beach. It was so windy, so we decided to postpone our escapades in the sand until the next day. So instead of beaching, we ran around the campground looking for all of my old friends who I went to nursery and primary with. It was such a blast to catch up.

Mary, Heather, Kayla, Alison and I played cards almost every night with the boys Seth, Cody, Spencer, Brandon and one other whose name I cannot recall. Mostly, the card playing occurred on the beach at 11 o'clock at night and went until 2 am. It was such fun! The girls and I would often "creep" around the campground and steal the heat from other people's fires. We were told scary stories and still continued to creep.

During the day, we would hop on our bikes and ride to the candy shop or to the flea market and purchase some old fashioned candy or soda pop, or carouse the market for interesting vintage finds. When we were done in town, we ran onto the beach and played to our hearts content. (We would just wear our swimsuits everywhere). The sun was shining every day and the water was just right. At low tide, we meandered to the other end of the beach to look at the tide pools or the natural spring of tar. At high tide, we played in the water or got hit on by the cute lifeguard. Who am I kidding? I was the only one who got hit on by him.

On Sunday, we went to sacrament meeting and then drove up to Santa Barbara for a bike ride on the boardwalk. Kate, Meredith, Drew, Nathan, Sonja, Henry and I wanted to see the Santa Barbara Police Department because that is where the TV show Psych is based. We found it and it was sort of disappointing because it wasn't the place that they use in the movies. Oh well, so we hopped back in the car and drove back to Carpenteria.

It was a successful four days with my friends. I got tan, they got tanner, no makeup was required, cell phone use was not permitted, time spent at the beach equaled too much and everyone was happy. Pictures to come.

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