Tuesday, June 26, 2012

a dangerous cycle

When Ashton and I text each other, we don't stop. We wouldn't stop if there was a hurricane, we wouldn't stop if it was past 1 a.m., we wouldn't stop until one of us fell asleep. Just today, I had to stay home from my internship due to the flu (no fun) so I texted Ash until my thumbs ached and my Pinterest page was full of nothing but Niall and 1D. Here is what our conversation went like:

Ash: "If I were dating Harry, I would write him cute 'you can do it' notes to put in his pocket before a concert."
Me: "If I were dating Niall, I don't think I would ever stop cooking for the boys."
Ash: "If I were dating Harry, I would introduce you to Niall and we'd go on a date to get shaved ice."
Ash: "If I were dating Harry, then I would have so much fun at school dances, minus the awkward moments when girls start to freak out..."
Me: "If I was dating Niall, I would cuddle with him and watch scary films just to make him happy."
Ash: "If I were dating Harry, we would go boating at Deer Creek with the boys and the girlfriends and end the night by snuggling by a fire and eating food."
Me: "If I were dating Niall, we would take a drive up the canyon, up past Sundance, until we reached the tippy top where we would watch the sunset while eating strawberries and drinking Arizona tea."
Ash: "Harry and I would go shopping and Savers and buy records to throw around like frisbees."
Me: "Niall and I would go for bike rides down to the snowie shack and I would flaunt him around in front of BYU kiddies. Also, we would share a Lady and the Tramp spaghetti kiss and share a milkshake at Sammy's."
Ash: "Harry would surprise me with a visit at school."
Me: "Niall and I would pretend we were engaged and go register at Target."
Ash: "Harry would start investigating the church so that we could be married for time and all eternity."
Me: "Niall would love me so much, that my parents loved him."
Ash: "And it would help that he really started investigating because he wanted to learn why I was so different from all the other girls."'
Me: "Niall would already be converted."
Ash: "And to be truthful, I would probably bring him back to the home ward as my fiance just to rub it in their faces that Harry is a straight Ashton Dean loving type of guy."
Me: "Definitely."
Ash: "Ugh, I want this so badly."
Me: "Me too."
Ash: "I want to laugh about nothing with Harry."
Me: "I want to make Niall laugh."

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