Sunday, June 24, 2012

weekend partying

This weekend was jammed with exciting events. 1. most of the cousins came up for my cousin's wedding 2. Youth Conference was happening and 3. my cousin got married.

I love my cousins. So much. All of them. Some can be obnoxious but most of the time they are pretty cool. For instance, we all slept on the floor in the television room and spooned and such. It was dang hilarious. We stayed up until 2 am watching Psych. We danced like Packard maniacs at the wedding and all got sick afterwards from the food.

Youth Conference was pretty great. Mostly because Ginger-vitis (Emma, Clark and Olivia) did a dance to What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. It was prime. I loved it. Ashton and I were in tears when they were dancing to it. It was so good. And successful.

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