Tuesday, June 12, 2012

mr. and mrs. niall horan

I have this infatuation with Niall Horan, member of One Direction, Irish beauty and amazing guitar player and singer. Ashton is obsessed with Niall's fellow band member, Harry Styles. We are in love with them. So in love, that we sit on the computer watching their Twitter feed to see if anything comes up and watching videos of them sitting in front of their computer eating food (Niall is a foodie) and lip syncing.

We have these crazy ideas that we were married in the pre-earth life and that we are predestined to be together. I get it, it's never going to happen. But one can dream, can't they? I dream that Niall and I will meet at the concert in July 2013, he falls madly in love with me, I have to convert him and we run off to get married in the Preston Temple in England, then have a wonderful reception in Mullingar, Ireland (where he is from) and his favorite restaurant (Nando's) will cater. He and I will have the most perfect Irish babies and we will raise them in Mullingar. It's a dream, don't judge me. An alternate plan is: My friend's brother is going to Ireland on his mission. He will convert Niall and family to the gospel, then when my friend's brother comes home, he will take me and my friend to Ireland with him. My brother's friend introduces me to Niall, we get married, have Irish babies.


Ashton and I are so obsessed that when she texts me, the name comes up as Niall Horan and when I text her it comes up as Harry Styles. We have made stencils of them and put their faces on sticks to make "portable boyfriends". We took them to girl's camp with us. Be very jealous.

Niall James Horan
-5'7", blue eyes, Irish, 18 years old, no tattoos, plays guitar and sings like an angel
-likes girls who are intelligent
-not too pretty because he gets intimidated
-natural looking (I take it he doesn't like Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga)
-girls who are themselves and are comfortable with themselves
-make him laugh
-and understand his silly eating habits (he eats everything)
-someone who likes football (soccer)

I think I fit all those qualifications.