Saturday, July 14, 2012

in preparation

Today is Saturday and I don't have work. How glorious it was to type that. My Aunt Laura (the one I lived with in the Caribbean) called this morning to let us know that she was driving up from Arizona with Ethan and Connely and Sonja and Charles. They aren't the only ones coming up: Uncle Harvey, Aunt Juleen, Wilson, Donna, Briant, Audra, Grace, Sonja, Nathan, Uncle Frank, Aunt Sally, Rachel, Mary, and Aunt Rozella is flying in on Tuesday. Pretty much one cousin party. I am gonna love it.

Since next week all the cousins are coming up for EFY, today was spent cleaning every single dang inch of my house. I hate it. But, I put my iPod on the deck and blasted Pandora radio while I cleaned the bathroom. That made it a tiny bit better. I cleaned my room for Aunt Laura and Uncle Ed to sleep in. I made signs for the girl's bathroom. (We get the bigger one, even though there's only 4 of us and 5 boys. I figured we could have the bigger bathroom because girls can multitask.)

Last night, Sister Lisa came over and helped make this sign:

It's all of the cousins names plus #cousins #duh. I have had to explain what hashtags are to so many people. It is getting kind of annoying. If you don't know what a hashtag is, please visit here. Anyway, isn't Sis. Lisa talented? She insists that she really has no talent, but you should see the inside of her house. Gorgeous. (I am getting sidetracked.)

THIS JUST IN: Ashton has arrived safely in Colorado where she will be spending three weeks being a counselor for Hogwarts- Harry Potter Camp. I have no clue how three weeks without her will play out. She has only been gone for two days and I have shut down. Every day, I write her a letter (complete with 1D pictures) and I have a manila folder prepared to put them in. She will receive said folder when she returns from Colorado. I hope she hates it there. Not really. But really though.

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