Friday, August 24, 2012

day one

Wednesday was my last first day of high school. More sweet than bitter. I am enjoying being a senior... as much as you can during the first few days. I took all the necessary precautions when preparing for that day. My outfit was last minute (so as to not look forced) and my backpack was empty except for a notebook and my lunch and a pen.

I am taking the best classes and I am fairly confident that this year is going to rock! Although I have a full schedule, I have filled it with AP Biology, Pre-Calculus, Medical Technology, an internship, Philharmonic orchestra, swim team, seminary, English and and US Government. I am rather excited.

At this very second, the mountain right above my house is up in flames. The helicopters are dropping water and retardant on the flames, but they will be fighting the fire all night. It started because of some crazy teenagers being stupid. I love the sound of the helicopters. It sounds like safety and assurance. I think if I were to choose any profession other than Marine Biology, it would be a helicopter pilot. I would love to have that adrenaline rush and all that responsibility as I help rescue people or put out fires.

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