Tuesday, November 8, 2011

and now for something completely different

1. Yes, the title was stolen from Monty Python.
2. Seong- Eun kind of bailed.
3. So I asked James Summerhays instead.
4. I am eager to make three pies tonight; pecan, berry and chocolate.
5. What happened to my life? It is falling apart.
6. I rather like making lists.
7. Elder Joshua Christopher Seely landed safely in Washington DC for his mission. His adventure begins tomorrow. I love him. He is such a good boy. I am going to write him. (don't quote me on that, because I am not as dedicated as some.) I promised him I wouldn't go surfing at his favorite beaches without him. He is so excited to be serving our Lord and Savior and doing His work. I am so proud of him for choosing to go on a mission despit the protests of his family. Good thing he has at least four women in his life; me, his sister, Aunt Juleen and Audra.

Josh has been a close friend of Wilson, my cousin, ever since childhood. They are connected at the hip. They are serving their missions at the same time and send emails back and forth. They are my surfing buddies. They are my limo. They are my best friends. Secretly, I am going to marry Josh. And Wilson is going to marry Donna, his high school girlfriend. However, she is not of our faith, but she is taking the missionary discussions. We are so happy for her.

Did I mention that I love Josh?

8. My new favorite song:
This is a group called Celtic Thunder. They are glorious. The youngest one (in this video) is now 18 and he is a guest star on Glee, my guilty pleasure. His name is Damian McGinty and he is dreamy. Irish, cute, plays rugby.... enough hotness points to get into my list of top three. The other two in the top three are Elder Joshua Seely and Liam Hemsworth. Here are pictures of Damian:
Dreamy. I love it. He has this amazing baritone that makes you want to cry. He is a lepruchaun for Pete's sake. How much cuter can you get with that? Not much.

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