Wednesday, November 2, 2011

my life

It's time for an update. I just asked a date out to the Sadie Hawkin's dance on November 12th. I am so excited. There were about four different groups who invited me to go with them but I chose to go with Ashton and Beno. I asked this kid:

Seong-Eun and Jim.
 Well, I asked the kid on the left. He is prime. All three of us have english together and we just goof off. I can't remember how it came to be, but Jim and I are married and Seong-Eun is our child. Both of them take piano from Dr. Irene Perry-Fox, the best piano teacher in Utah. She is famous for sending her students to Juliard. Anyway, when this picture was taken, Seong-Eun had just finished playing Rachmaninov No. 2 on the piano. He played it with the Utah Valley Symphony. (see this post) He was absolutely wonderful.
Anyway, back to Sadie's. So I asked him with a Disney princess puzzle. I put it together, flipped it over and wrote my name. Then, I typed up "I would feel like a PRINCESS if you would go to Sadie's with me" and gave it to him in increments during his classes. He replied by coming up to me and saying yes. How original Seong-Eun.
With the Sadie's planning comes nutty ideas on what to do. Ashton and I have come up with white t-shirts that are splattered with neon paint and our dates last name on the back. For instance, mine will say CHO on the back and Seong-Eun's will say AVERY. Ashton's will say SEELY and Beno's will say DEAN.
Just imagine it on a T-shirt.
Then for dinner, we were thinking Cafe Rio Pork Salads. Yum.

For dessert we would eat apple pie and homemade vanilla ice cream.

The picture was just too cute. I had to.
For activites we would play Twister, Apples to Apples, Elixir and other super fun games.

Can't say no to vintage.
Then, we would go to the dance and partay it up. After the dance, we would go back to my house and watch a movie. Probably. However, maybe someone has a curfew so then we wouldn't be able to. Hah. Curfews.

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