Sunday, December 18, 2011


It seems as if all of my [older] friends are getting married and having babies, and here I am, only 16 and waiting for all that magic to happen. My lovely neighbor Grace Collins Brummer got married in August, and let me tell you, it was one beautiful wedding (see here). She was radiant and wonderful and kind and happy and the perfect bride.
I remember her at my age when she would come over to babysit and we would play school, house and then she would make mac'n'cheese for dinner. Those were the times. But, college whisked her away to England for a semester and she came back and got married.
This seems so cheesy and cliche, but I want a wedding just like Grace's, with a husband who loves me no matter what, a beautiful day in California (I want to be married in the Los Angeles Temple), a perfect white dress, the most amazing reception venue and most importantly, all of my cousins, uncles, aunts, Grandpa, Evelyn, Dad, Mom, Cameron, Jay, Henry, Allison and Isabelle surrounding me; I suppose his family can come too.

Top 2 Temples:
1.  Los Angeles, California: Why? Because my parents were married there. And it's super pretty; if I get married  there, it has to be in the summer.

2.  Salt Lake City, Utah: Why? Because my grandparents, and my brother and his wife were married there. And there is so much history behind it. My ancestors helped to build it and it looks beautiful in the winter.

Top 3 Honeymoons:
1.  I know it's not my choice, but I spent six months in the Caribbean and I want to honeymoon on that island, Statia. Maybe I can... sway my future husband to go there. (Scuba diving galore!)

2.  Anywhere in Europe. Preferably France, England, Ireland, Italy. (eating yummy foods is a must)

3.  African safari (South African will suffice).

The Dress:
Isn't it beautiful? However, mine would have fabric that covered the shoulders, and the neckline wouldn't go so high. So it would look more like this:
I am done.

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